Getting Your Fingering Right

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Ok so you have purchased your concertina, you may hace a tendency to press a particular button with the same finger. Thus, eight columns has an assigned finger to it. The buttons for columns 0 and 9 will need to use the finger from 4 and 8.

Keep in mind that this tablature serves only as a guide and that you must learn how to read music. There are many fingering methods for the Anglo concertina and it’s important that you come up with your own method the earlier the better. Unlike other instruments that need hours of practice like the flute and trumpets which needs breathing exercises and the guitars and banjo that needs to be tuned, the concertina is set to play as it is.

1. Assigned Your Fingers

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Your fingers will be assigned a number from 1 to 8, and they their respective buttons indicated in the chart. The squares show the C-row, the circles represent the G-row and the diamonds indicate the accidentals-row. The numbers with black background indicates push bellows together and the opposite mean to move bellows in the opposite direction

Wheatstone and the Jeffries System

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You will see that the two layouts of the right-hand on the accidentals-row, those are the Wheatstone and the Jeffries system. They may appear to look significantly different but it’s just the location of the C-sharp that is really moved. But moving that note means the notes beside also changes so this significantly changes your way of playing.